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Make a statement online with our beautiful, user-friendly, customizable, and powerful website builder for the unique needs of female entrepreneurs.

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Make a statement online with our beautiful, user-friendly, customizable, and powerful website builder for the unique needs of female entrepreneurs.
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Are you a passionate, dynamic woman who wears many hats? An entrepreneur by day, a creative mind by night, and perhaps a mother, a teacher, or a caregiver around the clock?

You may be an entrepreneur with a crystal clear vision, but you have one BIG hurdle that seems too high to leap over–building your dream website.

Does this sound like you?

  • You've hired so called professionals before and all you got was a hot mess;

  • You've been burned before so you've spent countless hours trying to piece together a website on your own that does justice to your unique brand;

  • You understand the value of having a great website but the price tag for one-on-one projects is just out of reach;

  • You've wrestled with website builders that feel either too complicated or too restrictive. Where's the sweet spot?!!

  • You're lost in the labyrinth of SEO optimization, and struggling to decipher the language of the digital world;

  • You're desperately missing more hours in the day - time spent growing your business, creating new revenue generators, or enjoying precious moments with your family.

But what if I told you, the struggle ends today?

Hi! I’m Julie, an agency owner and graphic & website designer and I’ve been helping women entrepreneurs like you reach their website goals for over 12 years. I created the Creative Website Builder to serve more women through one comperehensive platform, than I ever could through individual projects. 

You deserve the same high quality, web design experience as my one-on-one clients, so I’ve spent countless hours building a framework that I can quickly use over and over, to help more women entrepreneurs, just like you, realize the website of their dreams.

You Might Be Thinking "Why Creative Website Builder?"

Imagine, three years from now: your business has grown, your brand is booming, and your online presence is stronger than ever. Now, imagine  having to navigate the complex world of websites along the way.

Your business thrives because of your unique skills and expertise, not your tech skills. Building a website can be a rabbit hole, and your time is better spent rocking what lights your fire, because that (not web design) is what makes you the powerhouse you are. Let’s keep it that way!

So, to answer your question, why?

Creative Website Builder Focuses On You

Unlike platforms like Wix and Squarespace, which cater to a generic audience, Creative Website Builder focuses on you–the ambitious, dynamic, and unique female entrepreneur that you are. We’re not just here to help you build a website; we’re here to help you build your online empire.

Our client-centric approach means we are committed to personalizing your experience, ensuring that your website remains a unique reflection of your ever-evolving brand. As your business grows, we grow with you. Three, five, even ten years down the line, you’ll find that Creative Website Builder is still the perfect fit, adapting to your changing needs, always ready to serve you in the best way possible.

You share your vision and we run with it, taking the complexity out of building and maintaining a powerful online presence, so you can focus on what you do best. Creative Website Builder isn’t just another website builder; it’s a long-term partner committed to your success, and an evolving platform with the expertise built to adapt to your growing needs, not just today, but for years to come.

Creative Website Builder Is Perfect For...

  • Startups and Small Businesses: For entrepreneurs in the first 1 to 2 years of business, Creative Website Builder offers a cost-effective, easy-to-manage solution. The platform provides a user-friendly interfaces that don't require technical skills, allowing you to focus on your core money-making activities.

  • Freelancers and Independent Professionals: Professionals like writers, designers, consultants, or coaches can use Creative Website Builder to create a professional online presence quickly, to showcase portfolios, services, and sell digital products.

  • Content Creators and Bloggers: For businesses focusing on content creation or blogging, Creative Website Builder offers a simple solution for setting up blogs and content platforms. Our platform includes the templates and tools specifically designed for content publishing, monetizing and audience engagement.

  • Educators and Course Creators: You already serve your courses from an online platform like Thinkific or Udemy but you want a premium stand-alone website to drive traffic and nurture your prospects.

  • Event Planners and Organizers: For those organizing events, be it small local gatherings or larger conferences, Creative Website Builder can be a quick way to set up event information, registration forms, and ongoing updates.

  • Non-Profit Organizations and Community Groups: Leaders of small non-profits or community groups might find Creative Website Builder particularly useful due to limited budgets. Our platform will help you create a professional online presence without the need for significant resources or technical expertise.

Creative Website Builder Is Not Suitable For:

  • Traditional E-commerce Ventures: Physical product heavy online stores with more than 20 products, requiring search, catalogs, inventory and physical shipping is not a right-fit business for Creative Website Builder.

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What You Get With Creative Website Builder

Web Designs

A stunning starter template will set the stage for the accelerated one-on-one web design experience for our founding members.

Custom Domain Name

Add your custom domain to strengthen your brand, enchance your online visibility and build trust with your audience.

Easy-to-Use Content Updater

Don't be held hostage by a site editor you don't understand. You'll be given the keys to make any content changes you want later on.

Mobile Responsive Design

All our designs are pixel perfect on desktop, tablet and mobile, so your audience has a seamless experience on any device.

Ready To Sell

Sell your digital products and services from a lightweight, easy-to-use shopping cart system with custom checkout forms.

Built-In CRM

Your built-in CRM provides detailed analytics for all deals and interactions for superior customer retention.

Built-In Booking System

Streamlined scheduling, unlimited calendars, multiple meeting types plus notifications, reminders and payment integrations.

Privacy-Friendly Analytics

Easy-to-read, privacy-friendly analytics to monitor your website traffic and protect the privacy of  your audience, all at the same time!

Accessible To Persons with Disabilities

Natively accessible so persons with disabilities can use their assistive technology without any barriers to your content.

Standard Legal Pages

Webite legal pages are a must to instil trust, clarify user expectations, and legally protects your website and your business. 

Hosting + 24/7 Website Security and Maintenance

Updates, security and nightly backups happen automatically behind the scenes so your website is always performing and available to your visitors.

Vetted Professional Partners

With Creative Website Builder you're connected to a group of vetted professionals and resources to help your business grow.

Founding Member Launch

Our founding member launch gives you a unique opportunity to get into Creative Website Builder at the lowest price it will ever be available! 

Getting in on the ground floor offers a number of unique advantages that will only be available to beta testers. There are only 10 spots available for round one of our founding member launch so take advantage now for:

  • Unbeatable Savings!! With Creative Website Builder you will save an astounding $8400 on your online presence over 3 years, then keep on saving year after year.

  • Beat the rush and get on Creative Website Builder before it's available to the general public, and you'll be grandfathered in as long as you have an active subscription.

  • Get more time with me than will be offered in our public launch. This advantage gives you the actual one-on-one experience that my higher paying clients get, so together we can pinpoint your actual wants and needs for your website platform.

  • Make Creative Website Builder even better! Your feedback will be integral to refining and perfecting the product, so that when it launches everyone will be getting the best version of it.

  • Be part of the development process. Be the first to access exclusive features and have a say in what goes into the product before features are launched to the public.

In exchange for this amazing opportunity, we will build out each founding members website on a first come first served basis. This ensures a deep commitment to your project. I will take the time to really get to know and understand your business needs, while documenting and refining the efficient processes required for a public launch. 

If you are founding member number 10 there may be a wait time before we can begin your project, but as we refine our processes with each new member, what you lose in time advantage, you’ll gain in a thoroughly streamlined process and faster turnover from start to launch.

Our commitment to you is to provide exceptional quality, service and ongoing maintenance of this pivotal asset in your business–your website–in order to give you the best opportunity for online success.

Because your success is our success.

Who Is The Founding Member Launch Right For?

Yours is a right-fit business well-suited for the Creative Website Builder beta launch if:

  • You’re flexible, adaptable and excited to experience a new and innovative approach to website ownership! Our business is introducing a groundbreaking service, and we need your real-world testing and feedback to make it the best it can be.

  • You're into technology, and are keen to help us identify and fix any technical issues, bugs, or user experience challenges before we launch it to the public.

  • Your opinion matters! Our development process is all about making continuous improvements based on what you tell us. We're ready and willing to make changes during the beta testing phase to enhance the product just for you.

  • You have all essential brand assets and website page copywriting already in place, and you know your target audience and keywords you want to rank for, so during the beta phase the focus is on development, and evaluating user experience and website functionality and performance.

  • You have a healthy risk tolerance and can embrace the journey with us! You're aware that challenges might come up during your project, and are okay with that. It's a crucial phase for learning and refining our offer, and we appreciate your understanding and support.

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Start Building Your Online Empire Today

Founding members get a one-on-one web design experience with premium empire-ready features and functions, access to all future updates, and access to a stellar crew of vetted professional service providers. 

Creative Website Builder Beta Founders get:

  • Custom One-on-One Web DesignValued at $4500 ± up front
  • Premium Themes & PluginsValued at $605 / Year
  • Built-In CRM & Email MarketingValued at $348 / Year
  • Built-In Booking CalendarValued at $360 / Year
  • Built-In Website AccessibilityValued at $420 / Year
  • Built-In Website Hosting & MaintenanceValued at $1524 / Year

Valued at $410 per month or $14,770 over 3 years.

   $499 One-Time Setup Fee + $147 / Month    

That’s a savings of $9,478 over 3 years!
Then keep saving almost $1,500 every year for the life of your website.

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Start Building Your Online Empire Today

Founding members get a one-on-one web design experience with premium empire-ready features and functions, access to all future updates, and access to a stellar crew of vetted professional service providers. 

Creative Website Builder Beta Founders get:

  • Custom Web Design valued at $4500 ± up front
  • Premium Themes & Plugins valued at $605 / yr
  • Built-In Booking Calendar valued at $360 / yr
  • Built-In Website Accessibility valued at $420 / yr
  • Built-In Website Maintenance valued at $1524 / yr

$382 / Month or $13,786 Over 3 Years

  $499 One-Time Setup Fee + $147 / Month   

(that’s just $5292 over 3 years)

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See What My Amazing Clients Have To Say

I've worked with Julie for 4 years now and have complete faith in her design skill and technical ability. Switching my website to Creative Website Builder is an easy decision. Julie re-created my website on the builder and it truly reflects my brand and connects with my clients on a deep level. Plus, the scheduling feature has revolutionized the way I manage my schedule. My clients are loving the ease of booking sessions right on my website.
Wellness Coach
As a digital marketer, I've always struggled to find a website builder that can cater to all my needs. That was until I found out Julie was creating the Creative Website Builder! The platform has been a dream come true - and since I already knew Julie's work it was an easy transition. Now, sharing my blog posts, showcasing my services, and connecting with my audience has never been easier. I'm so glad Julie created this phenomenal website builder.
Digital Marketer
Moving my platform to Creative Website Builder has been a game-changer! The easy process to get started along with Julie's caring and knowledgeable help allowed me to build a website that truly represents my brand and resonates with my target audience–and at a great price! My website is absolutely gorgeous and the e-commerce features are easy to use, even for me! My e-books are selling like hotcakes thanks to the easy purchase process.
Travel Blogger

Join the ranks of successful women Entrepreneurs, who aren't just building a website with Creative Website Builder, They're Building A Thriving Business...

And Here’s How You Can Too:

  • Step 1

    Schedule A Demo To Get Started

    Think Creative Website Builder is right for you? Schedule a demo so we can meet and you can experience first hand the amazing features and benefits of the platform. Our founding members get the benefit of locking in our introductory price for life! As the platform grows, the price you pay will remain the same as long as you maintain an active subscription.

  • Step 2

    Done-For-You Services

    Now's the time to reach out to one of our vetted professionals to get started working on your extended business assets. Whether it's coming up with a six month marketing strategy, creating a fresh brand identity, seo optimized copywriting or getting started with your first online course, we've got you covered. Our pro's are in high demand so it's best to get in touch early.

  • Step 2

    Complete The Onboarding Process

    Once you're application is approved you'll need to upload documents with your website copy, keyword research and digital, physical or service based products, share your brand colors, fonts and logo, plus any licensed images you want to use on your website. You do the filling in, and we do the figuring out.

    We'll meet to review your content, and goals prior to the build, then maintain an iterative collaboration until completion.

  • Step 3

    Keep Doing What You Do Best

    Now we get to work building out your website. If you've delivered all of your site assets and logins, we aim to complete your website in 2 weeks.

    While we're busy getting your website ready, you just keep making magic and serving your customers.

  • Step 3

    Optimize For SEO

    Next we'll optimize your content for search engines. You've provided your page content with the keywords you want to rank for and we'll take care of the rest. All of your content pages will be given the secret ingredients that Google is looking for to make your pages searchable.

  • Step 4

    Review & Revisions

    Once the site build is complete we'll direct you to our awesome feedback tool to review all the site pages.

    Here you can make any edits or changes by leaving notes on a visual copy of your website. If you need to add additional forms or Calls to Action, this is the time to let us know. This is also a great time to indicate where any outside integrations should be connected, for example a link out to your Thinkific course landing page, or an optin with your email marketing software.

  • Step 5


    Here we'll test all of your contact forms, links, and and checkout process for your products. We want to make sure everything is working perfectly before your big day!

  • Step 6

    Pre-Launch Meet

    We'll have a 30 minute call to review any last minute questions you might have before you launch your website.

    I'll make sure you know where to find our support documents and how to contact us going forward. 

  • Step 7

    Publish & Launch

    Now, it's time to publish your new website and launch it to the world. Make sure you announce it on all your social channels too!

Apply To the Beta launch

Join the ranks of successful women Entrepreneurs, who didn't just build a website with Creative Website Builder, They built A Thriving Business...

And Here’s How You Can Too:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Creative Website Builder? I've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answered them here. If you still have a question that hasn't been addressed here, then please get in touch.

How Soon Until My Website Is Live?

Once your application is approved you’ll be directed to our product page, and the magic begins as soon as your credit card is confirmed during checkout.

We’ll assign a sub-domain (example: to your website, as a placeholder until your custom domain name is set up. 

Then, depending how much content you have will determine how long it takes for the website to be fully crafted and ready to launch to the world. 

Is A Custom Domain Included?

Custom domain name are not included with Creative Website Builder. Custom domain setup is.

If you don’t have a custom domain name yet, purchase one using a preferred domain registrar like Namecheap or Dynadot.

How Secure Is My Website?

Our hosting services are provided by a top-tier cloud service provider with unlimited performance and uncapped individual scaling.

All of our websites core functionality is hosted privately so they cannot be accessed by outside sources, making Creative Website Builder one of the most secure platforms on the web.

Do I Own My Website?

Your ongoing subscription with Creative Website Builder is lease-to-own; The one-time set up fee covers the work to add your content and integrations, while the monthly subscription goes towards the ownership of an amazing website.

We don’t think you’ll want to go anywhere BUT once you have subscribed for 3 years, if you wish, you are free to move your site to any Wordpress hosting environment of your choice. We charge a one-time fee to migrate your website, or if you prefer you can request a backup package at no charge to use on your own.

Important note, some features on our website are delivered through premium developer licenses and are not transferrable. In order to retain existing premium features you’ll need to subscribe to each service individually. You’ll be given a list of applicable plugins if you decide to move your website.

What If I Want A New Feature?

We’ve built Creative Website Builder with what we think is a terrific host of features that any woman entrepreneur can use to grow their online empire, but we understand that each business is unique.

We have made sure that your website can accept both coded and API integrations so you can connect virtually any kind of feature you want. This kind of integration ensures your website remains lightweight and fast. If you need assistance integrating an outside application we have development services available for a fee on your dashboard.

If there are features you want built right into the platform you can make suggestions in our help center. We will consider all your ideas and suggestions carefully.

What Is Included With The Setup Fee?

The setup fee for Creative Website Builder includes the following pages and templates:

  • Landing / Under Construction Page
  • Home page
    • includes Header & Footer templates
  • About page
  • Services page (for multiple services)
    • Individual service page 1 (template)
    • Individual service page 2
    • Individual service page 3
  • Blog page
    • Single Post (template)
  • Product Shop
    • Product 1 (template)
    • Product 2
    • Product 3
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Booking Page

In addition, we’ll set up your custom domain name, you’ll get a branded pop-up contact form, integrated email sending service and email marketing optin form, social media icons, and Instagram feed (if applicable).

Does Creative Website Builder Have Email?

Yes and No.

Your website will generate transactional emails for your digital products, for your client registrations, booking calendar and contact forms, however it must use an email address that exists outside of the platform, such as [email protected].

For email hosting I recommend creating a domain email using Google Workspace, or similar platform, and for email marketing I recommend using a platform like Convertkit or Mailerlite

What Can I Sell On Creative Website Builder?

Creative Website Builder is best for service-based businesses with less than 30 products whether they be digital, physical or service-based.

Creative Website Builder is NOT suitable for product heavy traditional e-commerce stores.

Is There Support If I Have Questions?

Absolutely! You’ll have access to documentation in our growing help center and a support email address if you need hands on help. We aim to answer support inquiries within 24 hours.

Do I Need any special skills?

No! You don’t need any special technical or design skills. The website builder consists of both a front-end, click-and-edit user interface, and a simple back-end text editor. If you have questions, you can refer to our help documents or contact us.

What Are You Waiting For?

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